Alexander Gierholz

I am Alexander, I am originally German already living for six years in the Netherlands. I didn’t expected the conversation to have such an impact on my life, when I asked a friend what he is doing these days and he casually told me about an escape room he opened in Prague. I was immediately hooked to the idea and it didn’t take long till I found some equally excited partners to go and check it out. We had a total blast playing some games there and it became apparent to us that we have to start something like this in the Netherlands. At that point in time we didn’t haven’t heard of anyone else doing a similar thing and so we naively assumed we would be the first to introduce the concept here. Not much longer later I found myself putting my studies to hold and spending a whole summer in a dark basement building everything from the scratch.

What soon became Logic Locks is now one of the most popular Escape Rooms in the country and every day we receive joy from watching excitement of people who allow us to lock them up. Soon after our opening some more friends of us joined and we started to organizeMobster Mayhem Mystery a real life game in which players can immerse in the roles of mobster family members who compete for dominance over the city. We kept on trying to innovate and soon Fenomena Logica, a strange circus freakshow caravan spawned out of a collaboration between Logic Locks and Uitvindersgilde, together with its crew of freaks this mobile escape room is regularly traveling to festivals all over the country.

My whole live I have been fascinated by puzzles and games. Point and Click Adventurers, Role playing games, Re-enactment etc. all these hobbies did always keep me busy but I did never imagine that I could eventually make something like this my profession. Especially after I started (and recently also finished) a Master Program in Psychology, with a focus on research, I already saw myself spending all day in the lab, watching participants of my experiments and writing papers… now I am spending all day in the basement, watching players trying to escape, write for my blog Play It Real … actually, not so radically different. I am still very interested in the Psychology behind puzzle solving and immersive experience but these days we mostly enjoy creating experiences that we would love to play ourselves and try to stay innovative in the realm of real life gaming.

To further fuel our excitement about the scene we decided to buddy up with the guys from real-life gaming and Prison Escape to organize an escape room & real life gaming conference in April 2016 in Amsterdam. Up the Game intends to bring as many crazy experience designers together to inspire each other and make sure we keep on innovating and providing surprising games for adventure hungry players.


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