Curtus Fetters, Kathy Le, and Tracey Le

“What’s an escape room?”

This is the question sweeping Orange County, California—and you either know it, or you don’t.

We are the co-founders of EscapeX Rooms: Curtus Fetters, Kathy Le, and Tracey Le.

Curtus is a US Marine Corps veteran and is excited to apply his hands-on experience leading teams under pressure to his escape room.IMG_2932

“We tell all our groups, collaborate, communicate, and stay creative. We find that the groups that are most successful are the ones that listen and encourage each other,” says Curtus.

“The coolest thing is seeing people come out, high-fiving and giving each other pats on the back. It really makes our jobs worthwhile when we know groups have had a good time,” says Kathy.

Kathy has her Masters in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and is excited to see human psychology in action through the escape rooms. For her, the journey started when her fiancé created a mini-escape room in their apartment for her—ending with a surprise proposal at the very end! “You could say I’m still trying to escape!” says Kathy, laughing.

Tracey is the third partner of EscapeX Rooms. She recently earned her MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management. Tracey has enjoyed escape rooms ever since her little sister introduced her to her first escape room. “I had no idea what I was getting into. But after my first room, I was hooked!”

“It’s amazing being a part of this industry. It’s equal parts team building, entertainment, and suspense. It was then that I realized that these were much more collaborative and entertaining than the corporate team building events I have been to!” Tracey works with local companies and small business to develop leadership and team building activities fun for the entire group.

EscapeX Rooms is located at 17911 Sky Park Circle Ste C, Irvine, California and currently has one room open to the public, Murder Manor. The second room, Casino Heist, is planned for a mid-December opening.

More information can be found on:




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