How to not start an escape room-business Part 2

Here you will find part 1 Continue reading..

1. Do not waste time on waiting for investors to ring at your door. Hmm.. It seems like your milkshake does not bring all the boys to the yard..

2. Make a budget. It is very hard to figure out the value of your start up business, I know, but it is important that you write down real numbers.

2a. Analyse everything. Make decisions that can be easily reversible. Perform a thorough analysis of your daily activities each night and aggressively seek opportunities for improvement.

2b. Close your mouth and listen.It is the perfect time to.

3. I could never present a boring business plan, unless you are cool with that. Show that you are not a boring person. You are business-oriented but also a fun person.. Mine looked kind of a messy one since I was a beginner, but creative and fun. If you are clear in your business-plan, everything else is a bonus.

4. Proof. Proof that you have worked already and that you will even more in the future. Proof that investors, bank, or whatever you are using, can trust you. Proof that you are telling everything. Proof that you are the right person to invest in. There are over 3500 escape rooms in the world. Why should anybody invest in yours?

5. You will come to a point the only way to continue will be money. There are angels investors, crowdfunding, Startup-matchers, Facebook groups e.t.c. Use them. Kickstarter, Indiaegogo, – Norway.. Another factor is the rise of online alternative lenders that are making it easier for small businesses to borrow money.

6a. Contact your local newspaper, tv station, radio to tell them about the crowdfunding, perhaps they could mention it.

6b. Use bloggers. Tell them clearly what you want. They do not have time for you.. Unless it is something cool or they can earn something from it. Write something like that.. I am starting an escape room, I can to give out 3 gift cards via your blog. This is my escape room Be sharp.. you get the point.

7. Franchise or make an escape room on your own? Research and decide in an early fase. Do you have time to built an escape room? Do you have people that would like to help you out?

To be continued..


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2 thoughts on “How to not start an escape room-business Part 2

  1. I like your business plan and ideas how to begin from a scratch. It was inspiring for me and surely it will be the same for others “experienced beginners” as well 🙂 Wish you much creativity and success on the enterpreneurship path!

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