Yay or nay? Pictures taken at Escape rooms..


If you do not know what an escape room is, this will help you : WHAT IS A REAL-LIFE ROOM ESCAPE GAME?

A slideshow of pictures that have been taken after visiting escape rooms in Norway and Greece 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In Oslo,Norway:

The escape gamesMystery of the pirate ship & 10Millions and the New York Gangsters

Parapark – Studio Nr. 113. The metropolitan schizo & Passage 9. The summoning

TeamEscape – The Kidnapping & The Gallery

In Rhodes,Greece:

UnlockThe Riddles Case & The Bomb & The Revenge

Enigma Escape ExperienceSoul Collector & Draconis Extinctor & Alchemist’s Scroll 

There are other escape rooms we also have visited, like Quaint World, Perfect Escape , Escape Bryggen and The Mission Chamber but pictures have not been taken. I have no evidence 😛

My better half ❤  – CEO and founder of Wimeet application-download here 😉 – is my main partner in crime!

Twice I have not escaperoomed with him. At Brain game in Thessaloniki. I tried The Museum with Katerina and Around the world in 60 minutes with  Magia.




You can read more about the Humans of “mentioned” Escape rooms :

Denys Ilchyshyn – The escape games

Jobin K. Varughese – Escape Bryggen

and the almost collaboration with Enigma Escape Experience


How do you feel about pictures in escape rooms?

  1. Yay-You like it
  2. Nay-Dislike it
  3. Want to be taken pictures only when you “win”
  4. Another answer..



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Now, go and book an escape room, Human! And then, tell me about it 😀


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