Hogne Kavlie & Sharon Lai

“Do you want to play a game?”

This was how our AdventureRooms Oslo (adventurerooms.no) escape quest started in Switzerland in the summer of 2015 and we haven’t looked back since.

Playing escape room games has been a permanent part of our holiday activities for a few years in our travels around the world. We always look forward to challenges that escape rooms would bring at new holiday destinations. The heady feeling you get from solving difficult puzzles and thinking laterally to escape under 60 minutes as a cohesive team is intense. We keep going back for more!

It didn’t take long for this holiday activity to turn into a whole new venture of game design and development. We wanted to bring adventure and suspense elements to our players, and entertain them at the same time. After having played many escape rooms in different countries, we chose to partner with AdventureRooms (adventurerooms.ch) in Switzerland to bring their highly successful escape rooms to Norway.

We are the co-owners of AdventureRooms Oslo and we opened in January 2016.

Hogne is from Trondheim and is a siviløkonom from Norges Handelshøyskolen. After having worked in the maritime and business intelligence consulting industries for many years, he made the move into the escape rooms industry and brings his experience and passion for problem solving into the operations and logistics of running escape rooms.

Sharon is from Singapore and has a Masters degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She is also a certified Suzuki piano teacher. She brings her eye for detail and experience of corporate strategy, governance, and music pedagogy into puzzle and game development. She enjoys being a facilitator for every adventurer who walks into our escape rooms.

Escape rooms can be a fun venue for team building and social events. Our unique duel games have been extremely popular, especially among our corporate clients and stag/hen parties. Teams compete not only against the clock but against each other: teams take turns to be the hunter and the hunted, and this gets the adrenaline pumping for our teams that thrive on competition. As game masters, we are thrilled when the teams manage to escape!

It has been an amazing journey to share the escape room concept with our customers. Our goal is to make our escape rooms of such high quality that customers keep wanting more even if they do not manage to escape (our escape rate is roughly 30%). This way, we can contribute to the growth of the escape room industry here in Norway.

We were also recently featured as the Attraction of the Month for Norway in Scan Magazine’s September 2016 issue. It was an honour to be included on their list of featured attractions. You can download the article here.

We have a number of brand new adventures in the works, so stay tuned!

You can find AdventureRooms Oslo conveniently located at Nedre Slottsgate 23, 0157 Oslo, Norway and currently has three escape rooms open to the public: The Original Swiss Game, The Black Queen, and The Piano.

More information can be found on: http://www.adventurerooms.no/

AdventureRooms is a trademarked global brand and has escape rooms in 18 countries.


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